Manufacturers of Asphalt Sealcoating Equipment

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WILSON's products are state of the art in design, components, convenience and custom feature options that meet our customers needs.

The progressive sealcoater is continuously updating his/her equipment to hold that competitive edge in the marketplace. WILSON, in turn, is supplying these users with the type of equipment that meets their present needs and will fulfill their expanded needs over time.

It is apparent from any approach that one may take when comparing WILSON'S given unit to any competitor's similar applicating unit that, if you want quality-built, long-life, and minimal maintenance equipment, you will select WILSON's sealcoating equipment.

Our sealcoating equipment sells itself!

For details and specifications of our equipment, please visit our Products page. For more about our company, see our Company Profile page. For additional information email us or sign our guestbook.


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